From the Richmond Whig, 7/2/1861

RICHMOND DEFENSES - WANT OF LABORERS. - Are the defences necessary? If so, the sooner they are completed the better. But laborers are needed to do this. Some liberal and patriotic gentlemen of Richmond have freely supplied labor. All who have not done so who have surplus and idle labor. The Mayor of Danville has sent down twenty-four able-bodied free negroes. Not one free negro from the city of Richmond or county of Henrico has been on the works. Why is this? Two gentlemen, eminent physicians from the county of Lunenburg, have brought, the one fifteen, and the other six men, (the best we have,) and have given their own services to attend to such as needed medical aid on the works. May I not, from these facts, appeal to those men immediately interested in the speedy completion of these defences, to render us all the aid in their power, and that speedily? I would also appeal to the patriotic Irish and German laborers who are out of work, to give a few days of their idle time. Many laborers, directed by their owners to come to the works have failed to do so; or if they came, worked but a short time and quit while their owners thought them at work. For the future, I would suggest to those sending us laborers, with them to send a list of their names, and the time they design them to work. I can then, if they absent themselves, know why they do so.

Supt City Defenses

July 1st, 1861

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