From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/24/1863, p. 1, c. 4

Unconditionally Released. – A flag of truce left for City Point yesterday morning carrying 167 Federal prisoners, including five officers. Among the officers was Lieut. W. F. Stone, of the 1st Maine cavalry, who was captured at Bealton Station on the 16th, inst. Lieut. Stone is a native of Portland, Maine, and was released unconditionally, without exchanged or parole. The circumstances which justified this step were as follows: Lieut. Stone was taken prisoner by Lieut. J. A. Payne, of the Black Horse Cavalry, who, while proceeding with his prisoner to Gen. Stuart’s headquarters, had to cross a swollen stream, which washed his horse from under him, and he was about drowning, when Stone, an athletic young man, who was standing on the bank, leaped from his own horse, plunged into the stream, and brought Lieut. Payne safe to shore with great danger to himself. This circumstance, so creditable to Lieut. Stone, was made known to the Secretary of War by Gen. Stuart, who bespoke kind treatment for the captive. The Secretary of War issued an order that he should be released unconditionally and sent home, which was done yesterday. Since the 16th instant Lieut. Payne himself has been captured and thrown in the old Capitol prison, Washington, D.C. Before the departure of Lieut. Stone he promised to call and see him.

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