From the Richmond Sentinel, 3/9/1864, p. 2, c. 2


A man named Cashmeyer, Gen. Winder's principal detective, was discovered by the guard in close communication with the paroled Yankee prisoners on board the steamer Schultz on her passage to City Point. The attention of Captain Hatch was called to the fact, and he discovered Cashmeyer secretly handing to a prisoner a package of letters or documents. Captain H. immediately placed him under arrest; and upon his return to the city, Col. Ould had Cashmeyer taken before Gen. Winder, who committed him to Castle Thunder. The documents recovered were not of great importance, but it is not known what verbal communications the accused may have made. He was on the boat contrary to orders, as Col. Ould always employed a military guard, and on no occasion of the kind required or accepted the services of the police.

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