From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Report dated 11/2/1862 on number of beds available in Richmond and the number actually in use. Also number of employees, etc.

213 Main St., Nov. 2nd, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medl Director,
                           I would respectfully report that this day's consolidated report shows 12745 beds & 10405 occupied beds in the Hosl in & around Richmond & its immediate vicinity - that in attendance on these there are 41 Surgeons, 147 Asst Surgeons, 77 Stewards, 1331 Nurses, 175 Cooks, & 327 Laundresses or 1998 persons commissioned enlisted or employed in the C. S. Army in the Hospitals alone. We cannot expect reasonably any deviance in these nos in the present condition of our army & while war lasts we have a right to expect that a nearly constant per cent will be sent back to us, of the sick with occasional great increase from the wounded from battles & the broken down from forced marches - Inserted here

Art: XXIV Army Regns provided for the employment & pay of Chaplains at posts & regiments - Par 105, Army Regulations provides that the pay accounts of Chaplains are to be certified by the commanding officer of the post. These compose all the laws in the published regulation concerning Chaplains - Congress has legislated that there will be a chaplain for every regiment or post appointed by the Sec of War on recommendation of the Commanding officer of the post or Regiment - By thus legislating for the spiritual care of the army, Congress recognized the need of such care & the responsibility of the government to supply the means & ministers of religious worship. At no time is there greater need of these ministers or do they produce more impression & effect for good than in our Hospitals among both the sick, wounded & convalescent. I wish to call your attention to the need in our Hosls of ministers of religion for religious worship & instruction of the sick & dying.

Our generals commanding in their reports of the results of great battles & in their addresses to their troops have constantly & studiously acknowledged the religious obligations & duties of the army - The executive of the Co. States by frequent proclamation of days of fasting, humiliation & prayer in times of disaster & of days of Thanksgiving for blessings on our arms at the times has openly & freely acknowledged our obligation as a religious people.

I wish to report that from previous knowledge & observation of the results of the faithful labors of an earnest minister. I am convinced that chaplains laboring in unison & as an adjunct subservience to the Surgical Department (who has more special care of the bodily health of the sick & wounded) will greatly promote the individual benefit & morality of the patients in Hospitals but also tend much to the furtherance of order, discipline & a good moral in the Hospitals as bodies.

There are now 4 chaplains assigned to the Department of Henrico
Chaplain Hoge to the camp of Instruction at Camp Lee.
Chaplain McCabe to the Hospitals in & around Richmond.
Chaplain Brooks to the Genl Hosl Chimborazo.
Chaplain Walker to the Genl Hosl Camp Winder.

Were the regiments in the field all supplied it would be proper to detail a no of their Chaplains to attend their sick & wounded put here, as they are not I would respectfully suggest that additional chaplains be ordered or appointed to report for Hosl Service in this department until there is one chaplain for every 1000 of sick & wounded & attendants - but each chaplain be assigned to his separate field composed as well as the capacity of contiguous Hosl will allow of 1000 patients & attendants - Let them visit & perform _______ for these duties regularly & daily giving his undivided time & attention to his duties as officers in the Hospls are required & further that it be the duty of the Surgeon in charge of the Hospitals to which they are assigned to report them in case of neglect of or dereliction of duty - to the Genl Commanding through the Medl Director.

Chaplain Hoge assigned to Camp Lee should not be considered as on duty in the Hosls of Richmond as his duties as a chaplain only are to the Camp of instruction & he is also pastor of one of the largest congregations in the city of Richmond -

It is within my knowledge that a sufficient no. of earnest industrious educated religious ministers are willing & anxious to devote themselves to this duty for a bare support & this $80 per month (the salary pay of Chaplains) barely affords in Richmond.

Very Respectfully,
    Your Obedient Servant,
        Wm. A. Carrington,
            Surgeon & Inspector of Hospitals

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