From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/19/1866, p. 1, c. 3

THE HOWITZER MEMORIAL CONFEDERATION OF RICHMOND, composed of the Associations of the First, Second, and Third Companies of Howitzers was organized on Tuesday night by the adoption of constitution and by-laws, and by the election of the following officers: President, General George W. Randolph; First Vice-President, Captain Henry Hudnall; Second Vice-President, Lieutenant Henry C. Carter; Third Vice-President, Lieutenant Daniel S. McCarthy; Corresponding Secretary, Mr. George L. Christian; Recording Secretary, Mr. J. P. Williams; Treasurer, Lieutenant W. M. Read.

A communication was received from a committee of ladies appointed by the Hollywood Memorial Association in regard to the bodies of some Confederate soldiers which lie interred along the line of the Williamsburg turnpike. The Vice-Presidents of the Confederation were appointed a committee of conference to meet the said ladies, and to make such arrangements with them as they may deem proper.

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