From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/19/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Prisoners from the Fredericksburg Battle. – There were in the Libby Prison yesterday one thousand and fifty Abolition prisoners of war, and more were momentarily expected there. Among those who arrived by the Central cars on Wednesday evening were the following officers, viz; U D Eddy, 1st Lieut and Aid de Camp to Gen Hooker; Capt C F Rudgers, co F, 105th N Y; Lieut C D Jenkins, 2d Lieut co C, 1st Pa; Capt O W Owston, co A, 9th Pa; Capt C Mover, co C, 10th Pa; 1st Lieut John De Grath, co C, 105th N Y; 2d Lieut Wm Burges, co C, 105th N Y; Lieut John P Weire, co A, 122d Pa; Lieut J A Willoughby, co G, 5th Pa; Lieut A M Gilkey, co K, 10th Pa; Lieut H J Howe, co I, 10th Pa. The following wounded Abolition officers were brought down on the Fredericksburg road and carried to the Libby Prison Hospital, viz: Captains John Ayer, co H, 16th Me; Wm Bryan, co E, 3d Pa; A J Bowlar, co H, 5th Pa; Major Frank Zontmeyer, 5th Pa; Captain C D Schaffie, co D, 5th Pa; T McMurtre, Adj't 12th Pa. All of the Pennsylvania troops captured by our men belong to what they call the "Reserves," a choice body of troops. There are two hundred wounded Yankees in the Libby Prison Hospital, most of them being badly wounded in every conceivable part of the body. Among the number is one who had both of his eyes shot out. Our Surgeons were busy yesterday in ministering to their necessities. The Libby Prison having its full complement of Hessians, provision was being made yesterday for the accommodation of those still expected, in other quarters.

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