850 [Soldiers with stacked arms, resting in the shade on Capitol Square. City Hall beyond.] Alexander Gardner
856 [View of ruins in the Burnt District looking toward the Capitol.] Alexander Gardner
917 [Washington Monument on Capitol Square; soldiers milling about. Similar to 919.] John Reekie

919 Washington Monument on Capitol Square, Richmond, April 14, 1865. John Reekie

937 [St. Paul's Church from Capitol Square.] John Reekie
940 [View on Canal Basin, looking toward the Capitol. Barge at left, Customs House at right.] John Reekie
942 [Bank street at Customs House, cavalry horses tied at Capitol fence.] John Reekie
945 [Burnt District, looking toward the Capitol.] John Reekie

3163 The Capitol, Richmond, Va.

3166 Statue of Henry Clay in Capitol grounds.

3167 Statue of Henry Clay in the Capitol grounds.

3168 Washington Monument in Capitol Grounds.

3169 Washington Monument, in the Capitol grounds, Richmond, Va.

3170 Washington Monument in Capitol grounds.

3359 The Capitol, Richmond, Va.

3360 The Capitol, Richmond, Va.

3380 Statue of Washington, in Capitol grounds.

3383 Henry Clay’s Monument, Richmond, Va.

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