From the Richmond Whig, 12/29/1862

THE TEXAS HOSPITAL – In pursuance of an Act of Congress, passed at the last season, provided that all sick and wounded soldiers from any particular State shall be accommodated as far as practicable in the same hospital, the buildings belonging to Messrs. T. & S. Hardgrove, and formerly occupied by them as a tobacco factory, have been taken for the "Texas Hospital." They are situated between Main & Cary streets, near the eastern terminus of the city railway. The buildings have undergone the most thorough cleaning and repairing, and the wards, which are now ready for the reception of patients, are as clean and inviting in appearance as those of any Hospital in the country. Everything which could add to the general convenience, or promote the comfort and recovery of the patients, seems to have been introduced as far as the resources at command would allow. The "Texas Hospital" will be in charge of Dr. R. W. Lunday, assisted by Dr. J. G. Allen, both of whom are from Texas. Dr. Lunday had charge of the "Kent Hospital" during its existence. The professional skill and administrative ability displayed by him there, give assurance that the Texas Hospital under his control will be well managed, and that the patients will be properly cared for.

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