From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 364, "Letters Sent & Received, Medical Director's Office, 1864-65." p. 116

Medical Director's Office, June 15 '64


     I am informed by the Ins. of the C.S.A. that on a visit to Stuart Hos. he was told that some of the officers do not visit their wards until a late hour.

     You will establish a sick call for Morning and Evening approximately the hour usual in the army and require each officer to report to you at these hours and commence his regular rounds in the wards.

     You will inform me whether you have made arrangements to supply the Hos. under your charge with a sufficient supply of milk.

     If you have not a sufficient number of attendants, I am informed that a number of women and boys can be obtained (daughters and sons of soldiers), who are in need of employment and such can be sent you.

     It is reported that there is great room for improvement in the cooking and manner of serving up the meals at Stuart Hos.

Respectfully &c
Wm. A. Carrington
Medical Director

Surg. Meredith

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