From the Richmond Whig, 6/27/1864, p. 2, c. 6

FEMALE BURGLAR. - Burglary is the order of the night, and even the negro women, tempted by the impunity with which the men have so long operated, have been tempted to try their hands. Yesterday officer Seal arrested, at the Old Fairground Hospital, Lizzie, slave of William Gary, on the charge of burglariously entering the house of Wm. Tyree, on 1st street, beyond Jackson, and stealing five dresses. It seems that Saturday evening Lizzie went to a servant of Mr. Tyree and asked her to lend her some dresses, which request was refused. That night Mr. Tyree's kitchen, where his servant slept and kept her clothes, was broken into and five dresses carried off. When the burglary was discovered, suspicion at once attached to Lizzie. Yesterday morning three of the stolen dresses were found in Mr. Tyree's garden, where they had been dropped by the thief, and the other two were found in Lizzie's possession at the hospital mentioned.

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