From the Richmond Examiner, 8/4/64

THE NORTH CAROLINA SOLDIERS' HOME. – A paragraph has been published in one of the city papers alleging that the wife of a North Carolina soldier had recently been compelled to sell her child in order to get food for herself. We have been assured that if such was really the case, the woman could, if she had applied, have obtained instant relief at the Home for North Carolina Soldiers, established in the old Union hotel. Dr. Manson, surgeon in charge of North Carolina Hospital No. 24, is the agent, and Governor Vance has made such arrangements that no North Carolina soldier, not the wife or relative of a soldier from that State, need become a beggar or a solicitor of alms in this city. Hundreds have been cared for, and hundreds more will be cared for if they will only apply at the agency, or make their wants known to the surgeon in charge.

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