From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/11/1910, p. 47, c. 4

Captain Sally Tompkins Only Woman Officer of Confederate Service.

The third of a series of tablets marking historic spots in connection with the Confederacy in Richmond will be unveiled on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock by the Confederate memorial Literary Society, marking the site of Robertson Hospital at the northwest corner of Third and Main Streets. The old building occupied as an army hospital stood for many years after the war, but has since given place to more modern residences. Peculiar interest attaches to the Robertson Hospital of all those conducted in Richmond during the war, as it was the one presided over by Captain Sally L. Tompkins, the only woman granted a commission by the Confederate States government. She is still living at the advanced age of seventy-seven years, and expects to unveil the tablet.

The exercises will be under the charge of the Lee Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the public generally, especially members of Confederate and Historical organizations, is invited to attend. E. Leslie Spence, Jr., will preside. The prayer will be offered by F. F. Rennie, chaplain of the camp, and the address will be by John B. Lightfoot, Jr., past commander of R. E. Lee Camp, Sons of Veterans. As all of the exercises will be in the open air, they will be of the briefest character, probably not exceeding ten or fifteen minutes.

This is a third of a series of tablets being erected to mark historic Confederate spots by the Confederate Memorial Literary Society. Tablets have been placed on the residence of Commodore Matthew Maury and on the Tredegar Iron Works, where the Confederate government manufactured armament. Several others are to follow, marking places for the benefit of future generations.

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