From Surgeon R. A. Lewis CSR, M331, National Archives

Stuart Hospital
June 22nd 1864

Surg. Wm. A. Carrington
Medical Director.
                  Your letter of June 22nd has been received, in reply I will state 1st that no letter to Surg. Meredith, relative to sending patients to private quarters is on file in this office. Secondly have had but one application to send a patient already in this Hospital (Mr. Powell on application of his sister Mrs. R. Tucker, which was granted). The cases referred to were patients already in private quarters, sent from the Robertson Hospital, and who were ordered by Dr. Garnett to report to this Hospital. I send you a list of these patients as sent by Dr. Garnett. Only five or six of these patients have reported to this Hospital, either personally or by Surgeon's certificate. One of these will be ready for duty in a few days, and one is a subject for furlough. These men as they come in are ordered to an unoccupied ward until their cases can be examined into. These are the cases of which complaint had been made. As the Surgeon in charge of a hospital is held responsible for the patients' in private quarters sent from this hospital, he should be allowed to exercise his judgment & discretion in regard to this matter, many patients who apply for such transfers do not require them and others are not in a condition to be moved. It has been my experience in the management of a hospital that very few patients permitted to occupy private quarters ever report either personally or by certificate, and give more trouble than all other patients, but if they are sent by your approval of the application then I have no objection as the responsibility will be removed from me.

R. A. Lewis
Surg. in charge.

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