From the Richmond Enquirer, 9/25/1861, p. 3, c. 2

THE SICK IN OUR HOSPITALS. – We are indebted to the courtesy of a "Louisiana friend" for the following statement of the number of our sick soldiers now under medical treatment in the several military hospitals in Richmond:

In the General Hospital 173; College 68; Branch 53; Masonic 30; Springfield 17; Bird Island 142; St. Charles 217; Bellevue 15; Judge Robertson's House 32; School House No. 1, 21; School House No. 2, 18; School House No. 3, 12; Sycamore or Baptist 39; Main Street 14; Clay Street Chapel 62; Georgia 260; Alabama 117; Warwick 32. Total – 1,221. There are several other hospitals, among them that of the Louisiana troops, which are not included in the list. The sick Yankees are accommodated in the General Hospital, at the foot of 2d street, a beautiful and healthful location, by far the most eligible for that purpose of any in the city, and there receive the kindness and most careful treatment which their condition demands. Eighty-nine of them, sick and wounded, are now under medical treatment at this institution. The latter, very many of whom had been deprived of limbs by cannon balls, or by necessary amputation, are doing exceedingly well. Four of the number, who had been declared convalescent, were yesterday transferred to the prison.

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