Joseph F. Powell file, M346, Reel #815

Medical Director's Office,
Richmond, Va. Jany 28, 1864

                  In accordance with orders from the Surg. Genl. the Hos. under your chg will be temporarily closed, and the sick and wounded transferred to Jackson Hospl. The property will be carefully examined, repaired, stored, and placed under in charge of a guard under your directions. The matrons will be retained. You are directed to report the names of all other attendants, who will not be actually needed for the purposes above indicated. Every alternate building will be removed and re-erected in the pine-grove adjoining the 3rd Division. You will make requisition immediately on the Q.M. Dept. to have this work done. This change has been decided to be indispensable to give freer ventilation, and to secure the hospl. from destruction by fire.

Very Resy,
    Yr. Obt. Svt.,
        Wm. A. Carrington
            Med. Director

                   Note the 3d division Winder hospl. to be substituted for the 1st Divn

Surg. A. G. Lane
C. W. H.


Winder Hospital
Jany 29th, 1864

Respectfully referred to Genl Winder, to secure endorsement & approval of Sec. of War in order that this work may be paid for when completed.

A. G. Lane
Surg. In charge

Major Parkill will make immediately an estimate of the cost of carrying out the recommendation of the Surgeon Gen.

Jno. H. Winder

Jany 29th 1864                                                                                            Br. G.

The removals are approved, provided cost is kept within limits named.

                                                                                                                       A. R. Lawton
??? Feby '64                                                                                                Qr. Mr. Genl.

Respectfully referred to the Qr Master General by Direction of Secretary of War, for his remarks. I think the alteration would be judicious, provided there is no objection to the cost.

                                                                                                                      Jno. H. Winder
Feb. 1, 1864                                                                                               Br. G.

Respectfully referred to Lt. Col. Cone, to make examination & report.

                                                                                                                     A. R. Lawton
1st Feby '64                                                                                               Qr. Mr. Genl.

#339 A. A. Q.M. Genl Office
Richmond 1 Feby 1864

Respy refd to Capt. W. E. Warren, whom will investigate this subject & see if these buildings can be removed for a less price than proposed within.

Per order
A. F. Cone
Lt. Col. & A. A. Q.M.

A. A. Q.M. G. Office
Richmd February 3/64

It is deemed advisable to have the houses removed & the changes recommended made the proposition of Mr. Powell is the most reasonable of the calling for bids from several parties and is the most acceptable risk of ???? to the ????

H. F. Cone
Lt. Col. & A. A. Q.M.

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