From the Richmond Whig, 11/22/1867, p. 1, c. 6

THE TRIAL OF LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROSE. – The trial of Lieutenant Colonel Rose, charged with maladministration as superintendent of the election recently held in this city for members to a State Convention, was continued yesterday, when the following testimony was elicited. Additional evidence for the prosecution for the prosecution will be heard to-day:

Mr. Glenn stated that he is a citizen and voter in Monroe ward; that on the 24th of October he was at the voting place in that ward; was with a number of others – all white persons – driven away from the place where the whites voted; that these persons were driven from opposite the white polling place, at Grace and Second streets, down Grace to nearly the corner of Third street; that he believed Colonel Rose to be under the influence of liquor; detected the fumes of whiskey or other intoxicating liquor in his breath, and also judged from his actions and language; that he was unsteady in his movements while driving the people away, and was cursing them; that after the persons were driven off he saw two old gentlemen attempt to pass along Grace street, but were prevented from doing so; that one of them stated he desired to vote, but was not allowed to go to the polls; the colored persons were permitted to remain unmolested on Second street, while the whites were driven from Grace.

Mr. Wilkinson, a policeman of the city, testified that Colonel Rose drove persons away from the white polls to the corner of Grace and Third streets, cursing the voters and citizens; that he drove them from the intersection of Second and Grace, where a large number of white and colored persons were standing (going between the whites and colored), down Grace, as before states; that he was at the colored polls at night, when Colonel Rose approached and asked what he was doing there, and ordered him away, with oaths; afterwards turned away, thinking it better to let him remain, as he was a policeman. He also testified that he believed Colonel Rose was under the influence of liquor.

The trial will continue to-day, when other witnesses for the prosecution will be examined.

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