Richmond Whig, 4/7/1865, p. 3, c. 1


An informal meeting of the members of the Virginia Legislature, remaining in the city, was held in the Law Building, Franklin street, this morning, for the consideration of the proposition of President Lincoln to re-assemble the Legislature for the purpose of authorizing a Convention to take Virginia back into the bonds of the Union. The propositions of the President were laid before the meeting. A formal meeting was appointed to take place at 4 P. M., this afternoon, to which time the meeting adjourned.
The Virginia Legislature adjourned on the 18th of March to meet on the 29th of that month. They met on the 29th without a quorum. According to the Constitution, whey could, under such circumstances, only adjourn from day to day. This they did, till Sunday last, the day of evacuation, when they held a meeting in the evening, and dispersed without resolution, some going off with the Governor, and some leaving on a canal boat, chartered for the purpose. According to law, the members now in the city are the only remaining legal representatives of the State of Virginia.
It is important to state that the Legislature of 1865 is authorized by the Constitution to call a Convention for the purpose of settling and adjusting the basis of representation. This question is settled; but a Convention called for any purpose is omnipotent.

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