From the National Tribune, 5/30/1907

The Last Yank to Leave Libby.

George Weight, Co. A, 110th Pa., Bellwood, Pa., wishes to correct Comrades P. M. Redding and B. S. Moffit. Comrade Weight says he was in Libby from March 26, and was there when a squad of about 20 prisoners arrived, said to be from Danville. They were a sad-looking set of men, feet tied up with blankets, etc. He, with some of his comrades, was in the upper story of the prison, and saw no more of them after they filed into the lower doors of the prison. On Sunday, April 2, they say they marched out. On Sunday morning the Sergeant having charge of the prison came in and offered $50 in Confederate money for one greenback, and in the evening came back offering $100 in Confederate money for one greenback, stating that Gen. R. E. Lee had sent Jeff Davis word at 10 o'clock, while at church, advising him to get out of the city, as he, Lee, could not hold the place any longer. The sergeant said Davis did not wait to hear the sermon finished, but took a hasty leave. On Monday morning, at 9 o'clock, after they had eaten a tub of black bean soup, with just enough beans in it to color the water, they marched out and down the river a short distance and embarked on the boat. There were about 400 of them, but they were not the last, he says.

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