From the National Tribune, 3/8/1906

Survivors of Libby Tunnel Party.

     Comrade I. N. Johnson, 6th Ky., writes from Pleasureville, Ky., to ascertain the address, if living, of the party of 15 in the famous Libby Prison tunnel: Col. Rose, 77th Pa.; Maj. McDonald, 100th Ohio; Capt. Clark, 79th Ill.; Capt. Lucas, 5th Ky.; Capt. Randall, 2d Ohio; Lieut. Fisher, 7th Ind.; Lieut. Davy, 77th Pa.; Lieut. Sterling, 29th Ind.; Lieut. Foster, 30th Ind.; Lieut. Mitchell, 79th Ill.

     Comrade Johnson was one of that party, and is therefore naturally anxious to hear from the survivors, with a view to having a Reunion at the next National Encampment.

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