From the Richmond Whig, Tuesday, 4/18/1865, p. 5, c. 1

THE DEATH OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN. – The verification of the rumor of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln fell like a thunder-clap upon this community yesterday, and the expression of regret and abhorrence of the act was almost universal among all classes, even those of the most ultra Southern feelings. Mr. Lincoln’s liberal offer to Virginia had prepared the minds of all for a speedy and happy settlement of the present difficulties, so far as Virginia was involved. The impression was immediate and profound, that Virginia had lost her best friend, and forebodings painful to dwell upon were indulged in as regards the grave turn national events might take in view of the string down of the guiding hand of Government policy. All the flags in the city and the flags of the shipping in the harbor were at half-mast Sunday and yesterday in recognition of the great calamity that has fallen so suddenly and unexpectedly upon the people of a whole continent, North and South, the effect of which will be felt in two hemispheres.

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