From the Richmond Whig, 2/27/1864, p. 1, c. 3

SENT NORTH BY FLAG OF TRUCE. - The following persons were sent from Castle Thunder to City Point by a flag of truce boat yesterday evening: S. T. Bulkley, correspondent of the New York Herald; D. Hackendorn, citizen; F. Mustaugh, sutler's clerk; E. P. Mathews, John Watson, Patrick C. Croghan, citizens; and Mary Jane Johnson, the young woman discovered in soldier's clothes, among the Yankee prisoners on Belle Isle.

From the Libby, the following were sent by the same boat: Major A. B. Wade, 73d Indiana; Lt. G. J. Doughty, Quartermaster, 51st Indiana; Ast. Surgeon, R. T. Baker, 12th New York Cavalry; Ast. Surgeon A. Robinson, 16th Illinois Cavalry; Surgeon J. T. Galloupe, 17th Massachusetts; Thos. J. Baker, W. H. Tilston, and E. J. Goodwin.

These parties were the subjects of special exchange and parole; but wherefore, we have not learned.

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