From the Richmond Enquirer, 2/19/1862

TO BE EXCHANGED. - Three hundred and ninety-seven prisoners of war will leave Richmond at 5 o'clock this morning for the North, via Fortress Monroe, in exchange for a like number of Confederates released by the Federal Government recently, and who reached Norfolk last week. Included in the number to be released are seventeen commissioned and twenty-five non-commissioned officers. A. J. McCleary, of the Philadelphia "Inquirer," and Wm. H. Sloanaker, of the same city, captured with Baker's California regiment at Ball's Bluff, are also of the party. Both the last named prisoners have acted for some time in the capacity of clerks to the commandant of the prison, and gained the general esteem of the prison officers by their intelligence and good conduct. Mr. George W. Walker, a merchant of Waynesboro', Pennsylvania, captured within our lines several months ago, accompany the exchange. The party will leave this city in a steamboat under command of Col. Nathaniel Tyler, of the Wise Legion, and will be met at Newport News by the Federal boat, to which the prisoners will be transferred.

We learn that an order was yesterday issued by Secretary of War Benjamin for the release, on their parole not to take up arms against the Confederate States, of all the prisoners of war now held by the Confederacy, numbering, in the aggregate, about 3,500.

The following is a list of the exchanged officers: Captain W. L. Lanning, 30th New York Regiment, exchanged for Captain Thomas Sparrow, 7th North Carolina Regiment. Captain Jon Markoe, 1st California, exchanged for Captain Thomas H. Sharp, 7th North Carolina. Captain C. S. simons, 15th Massachusetts, exchanged for Captain G. G. Luke, North Carolina. Captain H. B. Todd, N. Y. Cavalry, exchanged for Captain W. D. Farley, 1st S. C. First Lieutenant Robert Campbell, 79th New York, exchanged for 1st Lieutenant A. Cader, 7th North Carolina. First Lieutenant T. B. Glover, 4th Maine, exchanged for 1st Lieut. J. S. Whitehead, North Carolina. First Lieutenant S. Giberson, 2nd New York, exchanged for J. Cooper, 1st Louisiana. Second Lieut. J. M. Andrews, 30th New York, exchanged for 2nd Lieutenant T. J. Nunan, 7th N. C. 2nd Lieut. C. H. Bard, 4th Maine, exchanged for 2nd Lieut. M. F. Moye 7th N. C. 2nd Lieut. J. M. Gramman, 14th N. Y., exchanged for 2nd Lieut. J. A. Whiteley, 7th N. C. 2nd Lieut. J. H. Hooper, 15th Massachusetts, exchanged for 2nd Lieut. N. Taylor, N. C. 2nd Lieut. W. H. Kerns, 1st California, exchanged for 2nd Lieut. A. J. Thomas, N. C. State troops. 2nd Lieut. G. W. Kenny, 1st California, exchanged for 2nd Lieut. W. W. Fatherly, 7th N. C. 1st Lieut. O. McPherson, 42d New York, exchanged for 1st Lieut. A. W. Essell, N. C. State troops. 2nd Lieut. G. B. Perry, 20th Massachusetts, exchanged for 2nd Lieut. F. M. Farley, 1st Florida. 1st Lieutenant John White, 79th New York, exchanged for 1st Lieutenant F. D. Canadue, 7th South Carolina. 1st Lieutenant H. Van Voast, 42nd New York, exchanged for 1st Lieutenant W. B. Wise, North Carolina.

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