From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/13/1862

Departure of Yankee Prisoners. - A flag of truce left the Libby Prison yesterday for Varina, conveying three hundred and ninety-three prisoners. Two hundred and seventeen of the number arrived by the Southern cars on Saturday evening from Madison, Georgia. - There were a considerable number of officers among them, and they were received and entertained on their arrival here by Capt. Jeffress with the best the prison afforded, for which they expressed thanks. They complained of harsh treatment at Madison, Ga., and on arriving in Lincoln's domains will no doubt have wonderful stories to tell of their sufferings. They all seemed glad of the opportunity to bid the rebels adieu. Included in the number that left yesterday were the following officers, mostly taken at Shiloh and Murfreesborough, Tenn., by Gen. Forrest, viz: B. M. Prentiss, Brig. Gen., Illinois; Thos. T. Crittenen, Brig. Gen., Indiana; J. L. Geddes, Col. 8th Iowa; Wm. T. Shaw, Col. 14th do.; Wm. F. Lynch, Col. 58th Illinois; Henry C. Lester, Col. 3d Minnesota; eight Lieut. Cols.; seven Majors; sixty-eight Captains; sixty 1st Lieutenants; fifty-four 2d Lieutenants; three Adjutants, and the following officers of the U. S. steamer Sumter: Levi Crowell, Acting Master; Chas. G. Stevens, 2d Ass't Engineer; Warren Ewen, 3d do.; A. W. Miner, Surgeon's Steward; C. H. Post, Acting Master; Master of gunboat Cayuga, and seven citizen prisoners.

Thos. J. Jordan, Col. of the 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry, who was to have accompanied the above parties, was detained by order of Gen. Winder, charges having been preferred against him by citizens of Tennessee, to the effect that, while near Sparta in that State, he had given his soldiers liberty to steal, burn, and take anything they wanted from the people, which permission they fully availed themselves of, even to the commission of outrages of unoffending women. It is proper to say that Col. Jordan denies the whole charge.

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