List of Vessels of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron on or near the James River, April 1, 1865. Compiled from list, Official Records: Navy, Series I, Vol. 12, pp. 93-94 by Michael D. Gorman, July 2008

Name Guns Class Commanding officer Present Duty or Station
Alabama 10 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. A. R. Langthorne City Point
Atlanta 3 Screw Act. Vol. Lieut. T. J. Woodward Trent's Reach, James River
Alpha - Screw Acting Ensign Jno. S. Blake James River
Bat 2 Paddle Lieut. Com. J. S. Barnes James River
Chippewa 6 Screw Lieut. Com. E. E. Porter James River
Commodore Barney 7 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. G. B. Livingston Appomattox River
Commodore Perry 5 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. A. P. Foster Trent's Reach, James River
Clinton - Screw Acting Ensign G. W. Hadden James River
Clematis 3 Paddle Acting Master S. P. Crafts James River
Casco 2 Screw Acting Master C. A. Crocker Trent's Reach, James River
Daylight 8 Screw Acting Master H. W. Wells James River
Delta - Screw Acting Master's Mate W. F. Gragg James River
Eutaw 10 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. J. W. Simmons James River
Epsilon - Screw Acting Ensign C. F. Russell James River
Gettysburg 7 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. S. B. Washburn Ordered to City Point
Glance - Screw Acting Ensign H. Wheeler James River
Gamma - Screw Acting Ensign H. F. Curtis James River
Harcourt - Screw Acting Master's Mate S. Eldridge James River
Kansas 8 Screw Lieut. Com. P. G. Watmough James River
Lilac 2 Screw Acting Master's Mate G. W. Lane James River
Lehigh 2 Screw Lieut. Com. A. A. Semmes Trent's Reach, James River
Monadnock 4 Screw Commander W. Ronckendorff Trent's Reach, James River
Maumee 8 Screw Lieut. Com. Jas. Parker Tender to President
Mackinaw 10 Paddle Commander J. C. Beaumont Appomattox River
Massasoit 10 Paddle Commander R. T. Renshaw Trent's Reach, James River
Miami 8 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. G. W. Graves City Point
Mount Washington 1 Paddle Acting Master H. H. Haynie Supply vessel, James River
Malvern 12 Paddle Ensign W. C. Wise James River
Mahopac 2 Screw Lieut. Com. A. W. Weaver Trent's Reach, James River
Osceola 10 Paddle Commander J. M. B. Clitz James River
Onondaga 4 Screw Lieut. Com. H. C. Blake Trent's Reach, James River
Phlox - Paddle Acting Ensign [D. F.] O'Brien Commodore Radford's flagship
Pequot 8 Paddle Lieut. Com. D. L. Braine James River
Pawtuxet 10 Paddle Commander J. H. Spotts James River
Pontoosuc 12 Paddle Commander W. G. Temple James River
Picket launch No. 4 1 Screw - James River
Seneca 5 Screw Lieut. Com. E. K. Owens James River
Spuyten Duyvil - Torpedo Boat Acting Ensign J. Brennon James River
Saffron - Screw Acting Ensign H. M. Pishon James River
Sassacus 12 Paddle Lieut. Com. J. L. Davis Appomattox River
Saugus 2 Screw Lieut. Com. E. R. Calhoun Trent's Reach, James River
Sangamon 2 Screw Lieut. Com. R. Chandler Trent's Reach, James River
Tristram Shandy 4 Paddle Act. Vol. Lieut. F. M. Green City Point
Unadilla 6 Screw Lieut. Com. F. M. Ramsey James River
Unit - Screw Acting Ensign H. P. Hathaway Fleet Engineer's Tug
Watch 1 Screw Acting Ensign J. Bishop James River
Zeta - Screw Acting Ensign F. Mintzer James River
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