From the Richmond Times, 8/14/1902, p. 1, c. 2

His Escape From Libby Helps to Free Him
(Special Dispatch to The Times.)

NEW YORK, August 13. – Justice Steckler, in the Supreme Court, today granted the application for the release of Francis Irsch, a veteran of the Civil War. Irsch was one of those who escaped from Libby Prison by cutting an underground tunnel to freedom. The old man had been in Ludlow-Street jail since July 14th last. He was arrested on the application of his wife, Mary Irsch, for disregarding an order of the court, made several years ago, directing him to pay her $8 a week alimony. He owes her upward of $3,700.

Irsch is a broker by profession. Two weeks ago he asked for his release because of ill health. Scores of affidavits backed him up. In nearly all his experiences in Libby Prison were made much of. General Wager Swayne in particular declared the man’s release should be given because of his suffering in Libby.

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