From the Richmond Times, 1/22/1893, p. 3, c. 2

“A Fair Rebel.”

This strong military drama will be presented at Richmond Theatre Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 23d and 24th. Perhaps the best drama, based on incidents of our late civil war, is “A Fair Rebel.” It is based on the escape of Colonel Rose from the famous Libby Prison. Not only is the dialogue good, but the scene is so well worked up that one imagines himself back in ‘64.

Both the exterior and interior of Libby Prison are shown by a revolving set. The manner of the escape from an underground tunnel is vividly portrayed. The other scenes throughout are perfectly given as to detail, showing that the author has made a careful study of the historical event.

The story running throughout is charming and intelligently handled. The vein of comedy is clean. One witnessing the performance of “A Fair Rebel” gets a bit of war history in a most agreeable form, for the reason it makes much more of an impression on one’s memory than reading army history could possibly do. It will be produced here with the original scenery and effects

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