From the Richmond Whig, 2/12/1864

Recapture of Yankee Officers. – The following Yankee officers who escaped from the Libby prison, Tuesday night, have been recaptured:

Captains: G. Starr, 104th Indiana; G. Yates, 3d Ohio.

Lieutenants: J. P. Brown, 15th U. S.; G. S. Gard, 34th Pa.; A. Moore, 4th Ky.; S. P. Gamble, 63d Pa.; C. S. Emond, 67th Pa.; J. M. Wasson, 40th Ohio; P. A. White, 83d Pa.; W. B. Price, 11th Ky.; H. Schroter, 82d Ill.; C. H. Morgan, 21st Wis.; F. Maran, 73d do.; M. L. Watson, 21st do.; E. Shraders, 74th Pa.; A. B. White, 4th Pa. Cavalry; H. A. Daley, do.

The field officers still at large are

Colonels: J. F. Boyd, W. G. Ely, 18th Conn.; H. C. Hobart, 21st Wisconsin; W. P. Kendrick, 3d Tenn. Cavalry; W. B. McCreary, 21st Michigan; Thos. E. Rose, 77th Pa.; J. P. Spofford, 97th N. Y.; C. W. Tilden, 15th Maine; T. S. West, 24th Wis.; A. D. Streight, 51st Indiana; D. Miles, 79th Pa.

Majors: J. P. Collins, 29th Ind.; G. W. Fitzsimmons, 30th Ind.; J. H. Hooper, 15th Mass.; B. B. McDonald, 100th Ohio; A. Von Weitzel, 73d Indiana; J. N. Walker, 73d Indiana; J. Henry, 5th Ohio.

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