From the Richmond Whig, 2/27/1866, p. 3, c. 6

RICHMOND, 23d February, 1866.


DEAR SIR – I regret to learn from letters received from several friends, that my Card published in the Examiner of the 7th instant, has not been regarded as conveying a full denial of my having ever been a member of the so-called “Ferret Club,” of this city. I never was a member of any such society, and so designed to be understood as saying in the Card referred to. – I did attend meetings with open doors, in this city, held soon after the evacuation, with the purpose of recommending to the authorities such men as I believed it would be most agreeable to them to appoint to the several offices of the city, and at the same time the most efficient in the discharge of their duties for the protection of the rights of our citizens. If, in doing this, and only this, I have offended, I am willing to abide the consequences.

Very respectfully yours,

The Enquirer, Examiner, Times, Dispatch, Republic and Sentinel please copy in their respective country editions, and send their bills to WHIG office.


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