From the Richmond Whig, 4/7/1865

THE RECORDS OF THE CIRCUIT COURT. - During the conflagration of Monday, when it was found that the State Court House (which is situated very near our office) was doomed to become another of the numerous sacrifices to the devouring element, the Hon. John A. Meredith, Judge of this circuit, went to work, and, with the assistance of others, removed all the papers which were necessary to pending suits and most of the order books but the wills and deed books were all lost. As many wills and deed, from remote parts of the State, had been recently recorded here, now that all traces of the records have been destroyed, much loss and inconvenience will be felt by individuals. Unfortunately, the records of the Supreme Court of Appeals and the Circuit Court of Henrico county, whose offices were in the same building, were all burned. Nothing was saved from the accumulated mass of important records. These papers were of great historical importance.

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