From the Richmond Whig, 4/22/1864, p. 1, c. 2

FEMALE YANKEE SURGEON. - The female Yankee surgeon recently captured in front of Gen. Johnston's lines was received in this city yesterday. She is about thirty years old and quite ugly, but has an intelligent appearance and a pleasant voice. She was dressed in male costume - black pants, fitting tight, a jacket and short talma of black or dark blue cloth, but wore a dark straw Gipsy hat, that might be construed as announcing her sex. She gave her name as Dr. Mary E. Walker, of the Union army, and said she was a regular alopathic physician. She said also that she had been improperly taken prisoner, as at the time of her capture she was on neutral ground. As she passed through the streets in charge of a detective, her unique appearance attracted unusual attention, and an immense crowd of negroes and idlers formed for her a volunteer escort to Castle Thunder.

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