From the Richmond Examiner, 6/29/1864

MISS WALKER, THE YANKEE SURGEONESS. – Miss Doctress, Miscegenation, Philosophical Walker, who has so long ensconced herself very quietly in Castle Thunder, has loomed into activity again. Recently she got mad, pitched into several of her room-mates in long clothes, and tore out handsfuls of auburn hair from the head of one of them. Then she proclaimed secession, and went into another apartment, where she is now lady and lioness of all she surveys. Sometimes she exhibits herself in costume on the balcony of the Castle, or walks in the garden below by permission of the urbane commandant of the post, Captain Richardson. Her miscegenation suit is getting rusty, and she thinks it hard, very hard, that she is not allowed to go home. She is very fond of listening to the thunder thuds of Papa Grant's pop-guns below, and when they sound, her favorite song is "The Camels are coming, hie oh, hie oh," &c. It is said she has a Yankee Major lover among the prisoners at the Libby prison, which is one square below the Castle, and within easy signal range.

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