From the Washington (D. C.) Evening Critic, 5/23/1882, p. 1, c. 7

What Miss Van Lew Wants.
Wash. Cor. Alexandria Gazette.

Miss Van Lew, ex-postmaster of Richmond, is again in the city, after an office. Now that Mrs. Dr. Walker has gotten one she things there is a better chance for her. The place she wants is that now filled by Mr. Spofford, Congressional Librarian. General Mahone is the man whose active assistance she requires, and she seeks him in and out of season. While riding in a street-car the other day she saw Red Syn, the Indian doctor, who has long gray hair and whiskers, and wears a broad brimmed light hat, and supposing him to be the General, whom he does really resemble in some particulars, she seized the bell stop, got out, and approaching him rapidly, did not discover her mistake until it was too late to retake the car.

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