From the Nashville Union and American, 3/29/1873, p. 1, c. 2

The Richmond Postmistress.
Special to the Cincinnati Commercial.

WASHINGTON, March 26. – The defeated Virginia politicians who sought to make a change in the postoffice at Richmond, are now put to their wits’ ends to explain their discomfiture. A Petersburg paper in the interest of Senator Lewis endeavors to account, in the following manner, for the President’s action. It says: “The reappointment and confirmation of Miss Bettie Van Lew as Postmistress of Richmond, ought to have been expected, when it is remembered what faithful service she rendered Grant when he was besieging Richmond. She established a daily communication with him, and kept him informed as to the progress of events in the Confederate Capital. And then she sent him flowers. Nosegays clipped in her garden in the morning have been known to be on his supper table at City Point at night. When Richmond fell, Grant sent a trusted member of his staff there with instructions to see that her property was protected ans her wants supplied.”

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