From the Omaha (Neb.) Daily Bee, 7/30/1887, p. 1, c. 5

An Ex-Rebel Victory.

WASHINGTON, July 29. – [Special Telegram to the BEE.] – The unreconstructed rebels in the postoffice department who set out to get rid of Miss Van Lew, who were aided by Postmaster General Vilas, have gained their object. A month ago Miss Van Lew was removed from a $1,200 position in the stamp department, which General Grant got for her, to one in the dead letter division which paid $720. The postmaster general patronizingly said she was really not entitled to anything, but she was willing to let her stay at a beggarly salary. The extent of this condescension on the part of Mr. Vilas can only be appreciated by those who know the large number of able bodied southern incompetents who have been given positions in the postoffice department by the present administration. But this class, while their services are of no value to the government are handy men to engineer the vice-presidential boom and their unfitness is no bar to their drawing salaries. Miss Van Lew, however, was not useful to anyone who had a political ax to grind, and it was easy to reduce her as the first step toward forcing her out entirely. She went to her home in Richmond on a leave of absence and the leave being up she has sent in her resignation. It is said this step was advised by friends in Boston and elsewhere, who knew of her services during the war and were not willing that she should submit further to the contumely that was heaped upon her by ex-rebels of the postoffice department.

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