From the Alexandria (Va.) Gazette, 12/1/1901, p. 2, c. 5

KEEPER OF LIBBY PRISON DEAD. – Capt. Richard R. Turner, keeper of the famous Libby Prison at the evacuation of Richmond, yesterday dropped dead in a neighbor’s yard in Isle of Wight county, aged 63 years. Being taken a prisoner at Richmond by incoming troops, who were told of harsh treatment from prison officials, Capt. Turner was locked up, with the promise that he should hang next morning. Turner’s hair turned white during the night. Captain Turner felt the severity of the charges against him, although many of the men who were held by him spoke highly of his treatment. At the time of his death Turner was democratic county chairman and a large lumber dealer. The deceased was a brother of the late C. Beverly Turner, who was killed by Gilligan a few years ago

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