From the Richmond Examiner, 2/24/1866, p. 3, c. 5

DISTINGUISHED ARRIVALS. – Last evening, the following gentlemen, some of whom we have heard of before, arrived in Richmond from Washington, D. C., and occupied room No. 158 at the Ballard House: Gen. O. O. Howard, Chief of the Bureau for Freedmen, Refugees and Abandoned Lands; Hon. Gerritt Smith, Binghampton, N. Y.; Wendell Phillips and Lloyd Garrison, Boston, Mass; A. Davidson, New Hampshire; John Hancock, New Orleans; H. S. Merrett, Freedmen’s Bureau. Much speculation was rife last night as to the object of the visit of these distinguished gentlemen, at this particular juncture, and as the number opposite their names on the register indicated the same room, it was currently rumoured that they shared the same bed.

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