From the Richmond Examiner, 2/5/1866, p. 3, c. 1


The unexpected interest manifested by the publick in our account of the “Loyal Union Hop at the Spotswood, on Friday night, and the favour with which it was received, exhausting our very large edition early in the day, has induced us, having large orders for the paper on hand, to depart from our usual custom, and in order to supply the demand, which we could not on last Saturday, we reprint the account this morning, corrected and revised, with such additional names of those ladies and gentlemen of Richmond, who did the occasion honour by the loan of their presence, as escaped a record in our first notice.

As an evidence of the appreciation of our “first-rate notice,” we append the following note, addressed us on Saturday, and signed by a number of ladies of Richmond of the first respectability. We thank the ladies for this manifestation of their regard, and to assure them how we prize it, we need only say that we have ordered one of the handsomest gilded frames that can be made, in which to frame and preserve it. The names we of course omit: -

Mr. Pollard:

We, the undersigned, representing a large majority of the ladies of the city of Richmond, feel that our thanks are due you for the able manner in which you described the ‘loyal’ hops at the Spotswood and Ballard Hotels, and in especial do we thank you for designating the ladies of Richmond who were present.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Very respectfully.”

Thank you ladies.

On the first page we publish an article exposing that remarkable association known as “The Ferrets,” organized in Richmond immediately after the evacuation, and composed of some of its super-loyal, super-Union citizens, some of whom had ran away during the war, but returned with the army of occupation. It is a coincidence not hard to be accounted for that several of the gentlemen whose names garnish the account of the “hop” also figure most prominently in the minutes of “The Ferrets” association.

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