From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/6/1860, p. 1, c. 7
BELEVUE HOSPITAL. – This institution, which has been in successful operation seven years, is situated on Church Hill, Richmond, Virginia, in  delightful, airy position, and is furnished with every convenience conducive to the comfort of patients and the successful treatment of medical and surgical diseases.
Rooms have been nicely furnished, suitable t the accommodation of gentlemen who may find it inconvenient to be treated at their private lodgings.
Particular attention will be paid to the lying-in wards, which are very commodious.
Having been heretofore liberally patronized by owners of slaves, both in the city and country, we can, with increased confidence, call their attention to the great advantages afforded by our "Hospital," for the medical and surgical treatment of SLAVES, and promise to spare no pains to furnish them proper accommodations and every necessary attention.
(Payable on the removal of the Patient.)
White Patients, per week......................................$5
White Patients, in Private Rooms, per week........$7 to $15
Slaves per week....................................................$5
(For fractions of a week, after the first week, at the same rates, i. e. 71 cents per day.)
For less than a week, (except in private rooms,) $1 per day, provided that the aggregate shall not exceed the charge for a full week.
This includes all charges for Board, Medical Attendance, Nursing and Medicine. By an arrangement with the Infirmary of the Medical College, a small additional fee, ranging from $2 to $30, will be charged for Surgical causes. The particular sum may be ascertained before-hand by application t one of the attending Physicians.
No Small-Pox admitted.
All patients are under our immediate care, one of us visiting the wards once a day, and oftener when necessary; and in cases of difficulty, a consultation of all the physicians is held, without extra charge to the patient. A resident Physician, two Students and a Matron, have the patients under their immediate supervision, and personally administer all medicines ordered.
When requested, weekly reports will be given of the condition of the patients.
Persons in the country, wishing to send patients to our Hospital, may address either of the Physicians, or the Resident Physician. When desired, we will send a comfortable covered vehicle to any part of the city or patients. - For this purpose, a message left at the Hospital, or at Mr. Thos. Pemberton’s, on Main, between 17th and 18th streets, will be attended to.
JAMES BOLTON, M. D., Grace st., between 4th and 5th.
THOMAS POLLARD, M. D., Governor st., 1st door above Richmond House.
O. A. CRENSHAW, M. D., opposite American Hotel.
WM. W. PARKER, M. D., Law Building, corner of 12th and Franklin sts.
C. M. HUNTER, M. D., Resident Physician
Mrs. W. E. PERKINS, Matron.
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