From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/23/1862, p. 2, c. 2

CAMP 13th REG'T ALA. VOLS., June 18, 1862.

EDITORS OF THE DISPATCH: I have just heard a recital of things seen in one of your Richmond hospitals that makes the soldier's blood cradle with indignation. One of the members of my company, wounded by a ball that passed through his ankle in the battle of the "Seven Pines," is at present, and has been for more than two weeks, an inmate of "Seabrook's" Hospital." One of my Lieutenants called a few days ago to see the wounded man. While there he saw the bandages taken off, and, with a feeling of horror, he perceived numbers of loathsome vermin literally sporting in the gaping wound. Such monstrous and criminal neglect should be visited with the most condign punishment on the guilty parties. I have already reported this disgraceful fact to the proper authorities; but I wish the people of Richmond to know the treatment dealt out to these brave men, who have fallen in the hottest of the fight, in defending your beautiful city. With respect,

Capt. Co. I, 13th Ala. Reg't.

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