From the National Republican (Washington, DC), 5/2/1877, p. 2, c. 5

Arrival of the Woman of the Future.

From the New York World:

It seems that the coming woman has already got to Richmond, and she is making it pretty hot for the effete man. She is the postmistress of that city, which her name it is Miss Van Lew, and the rustle of her petticoats about the corridors of the Government buildings is like the trailing of the garments of the west wind, and the flourish of her parasol is as the stroke of Saladin’s scimitar. The mailing clerks tremble before her like the Assyrian courtiers before Semiramis. She saith to a letter-carrier come, and he cometh; to the money-order clerk go, and he goeth. The deputy-postmaster would have flung his swallow-tailed coat under her feet for carpeting, in emulation of the devotion of Raleigh to Elizabeth; but, alas! She suspected him of limiting the conspiracy of Essex and aiming at her dethronement. Wherefore, like the Virgin Queen, she decapitated her favorite of this deputy was Jeffards, an unusually good specimen of the carpet-bag species of American citizen and the zealous viceroy of Queen Van Lew, managing the affairs of the post-office with fair ability, enjoying the confidence of his mistress and winning the respect of the community. Miss Van Lew, like Helen McGregor, with her foot upon her native health, so to speak, hurls defiance at her foes and accepts right royally the homage of her subordinates. There is something in the ability which she has displayed in the intrigue for her reappointment, the majesty of her deportment, the unflinching cruelty with which she has dealt punishment upon the conspirators, to strike terror into the heart of the average man. Is it possible that the sphere of public office is to be taken from him? Is the Mene Tekel of all male citizens not of African descent written upon the walls of the Richmond post office?

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