From the Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC), 12/20/1849, p. 3, c. 4

VIRGINIA IRON INTEREST. – The Lynchburg Virginian calls attention to a large sale of mules and horses, advertised by the agent of Mr. Jos. R. Anderson, of Richmond, at the “Catawba Furnace:”

“This (the Virginian says) is the first step to the general abandonment of the manufacture of iron in Virginia. Mr. Anderson has heretofore made much of the pig iron consumed by his Tredegar works. The present low rate of Scotch pig, upon which the duty grows less as the price declines, has compelled him to suspend operations at his Iron Works in Botetourt.”

Iron prospects are certainly less flattering in Virginia and other States than they would be if the wise system of moderate and stable protection were in force. But we must hope that the Virginian speaks too strongly in saying that there is to be “a general abandonment” of the manufacture.
[Richmond Times.

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