From the Richmond Whig, 5/9/1862, p. 3, c. 4

ARRIVAL OF PRISONERS. - Three hundred and twenty Hessians, captured at Williamsburg Monday, arrived here last evening, guarded by the Caskie Rangers, and their cavalry, under the command of Capt. Robert A. Caskie. They were marched to the Confederate prison (Libby’s building). Their advent into the city was witnessed by a large number of people, some of whom exemplified the Christian precept of returning good for evil by supplying the prisoners with bread and cakes. - We are unable, this morning, to present a more extended notice of this grand entree. The following is a list of the commissioned officers, among the prisoners: Lt. Col. Lewis Benedict, 73d M. Y. Vols.; Capt. R. H. Lee, 6th N. J.; Capt. Martin Welles, Co. K, 74th N. Y.; Capt. Benj. Price, Co. D, 70th N. Y. Capt. Alex H. Drake, Co. H, 33d N. Y.; Lt. R. L. Chamberlayne, Quartermaster N. Y. Cavalry; Lt. W. H. Kinley, Co. D, 6th N. J. - A General Terry was left wounded at Williamsburg - Also arrived by the Central cars, Lt. A. H. Hasbrouh, Adjutant of the 5th N. Y. Cavalry, captured at Harrisonburg by Jackson’s troops.

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