From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/15/1861, p. 2

AN ESCAPED PRISONER. – Rev. Newton Short, a Baptist clergyman, of Henrico, fell in yesterday with a suspicious looking military character on the Meadow Bridge , about six miles from Richmond . He said that he was going to Old Church to see a man named Carpenter, and as he was altogether out of the way for such a destination, and no such man as Carpenter was there, Mr. Short suspected that he was an escaped prisoner, and, after a little more questioning, accused him of it, which he stoutly denied, of course, but afterwards admitted that he was a Yankee Lieutenant, escaped from one of the tobacco factories on Main street. Mr. Short compelled him to return to town, and delivered him up to the proper authorities. The prisoner stated that a number of others had also escaped. A gentleman from Powhatan informs us that several men, representing themselves to be deserters from a South Carolina regiment, but believed to be escaped prisoners, had entered a house in his neighborhood and demanded dinner – a style of visitation not characteristic of Carolinians.

Later in the same paper:

Recaptured. – A Yankee officer, named Welch, who succeeded in escaping from Harwood's tobacco factory, a few days ago, by the rear, having eluded the guard and obtained access to the open air through the kitchen of the establishment, was recaptured yesterday by the Rev. Mr. Short, living six miles beyond Richmond, and returned to his old quarters. Welch had no shoes on or shirt. His military dress coat being without buttons, had been tied up with strings. He professed to be making his way to Hanover Court House to collect a debt due by a man named Carpenter. He was at first directed how to proceed, but his appearance exciting suspicion, he was detained and brought to town.

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