From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/5/1862, p. 2, c. 4

ESCAPE OF FEDERAL OFFICERS – ARREST OF PARTIES SUSPECTED AS ABETTORS. – Besides W. B. Masters, of one of the New York Regiments, there have escaped from the prison on 18th by some unexplained means, Lieut. Col. W. B. Hatch, Captain J. M. Oakley, and 2d Lieuts. Wm. Biddle and T. A. Murphy. Four men and seven women were, on yesterday, arrested and examined by the Provost Marshal, and the following were remanded for further examination, charged with aiding and abetting the escape: Mrs. Louisa Webber, Miss Lucy Wasgutt, Wm. Frank, (proprietor of the Mechanicsville Turnpike Tavern.) Seely Wigton and Lewis Webber – residents of 17th Street.

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