From the Richmond Whig, 1/12/1866, p. 3, c. 1

THE MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA. – This College, located in this city, and commonly known as the Richmond Medical College, has established an excelling clinic for the benefit of the class of Students attending lectures there. These clinics are well supplied with material by the large number of poor in this city gathered together at the various hospitals and the dispensary.

We listened on Wednesday last to a very instructive and interesting clinical lecture delivered at Howard’s Grove hospital, by Professor Tucker, upon many cases of Disease, and by Professor McGuire on Surgical cases. Among many cases which Dr. McGuire presented to the class and operated on, he brought one in having a gun shot wound of the knee joint by a recent accident. Before performing the operation which the case required, and which he did rapidly and skillfully, the Doctor gave the class the benefit of his great experience in the army, and cited the cases of Jackson, Ewell and Trimble, upon whom he had operated.

The benefit that the College will derive from hospital facilities, which the future population of this region must afford, will give it all the advantages possessed by Northern schools, and secure for it the patronage of the South.

The gentlemen who form the faculty of the institution are well known for their high attainments as men of general education, and for their skill in their respective chairs, whether medical or surgical.

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