From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/24/1862, p. 1, c. 4

Mayor's Court, Recorder Caskie Presiding, November 22. – Peter Reynolds and Pat Murphy, soldiers, charged with fighting on the steps of the Theatre, were sent to Capt. Alexander, to be returned to their regiments.

John, slave of J. M. Conrad, was ordered ten lashes for having in his possession a gallon of vinegar, supposed to have been stolen.

Michael Rourke, of the 1st Texas regiment, charged with stealing ten eggs from a countryman, was sent off to Castle Thunder, to be returned to his companions in arms.

Stewart Tingle, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at the Columbian Hotel, was admonished and let off.

Robert, slave of Chas. L. Hobson, was ordered 39 lashes for running away from his master, and then committed to be called for.

George, slave of A Holbert, and Albert, slave of J. Edmonds, were each ordered ten lashes for allowing themselves to be caught by the guard without a pass.

A summons issued against T. W. Hoenniger, for keeping billiard tables without a license, was dismissed; ditto a summons issued against M. Copp, for keeping a pistol gallery without a license.

William, slave of Wm. H. Richardson, arrested on the charge of stealing sundry articles of confectionery from C. Bombard, was examined and dismissed.

John, slave of Wm. H. Moncure, was tried for stealing $20 from Travis Fritter, and acquitted.

Augustus White was committed for examination before a called Court of Hustings, on the charge of obtaining $28 from Wm. Silver by fraudulent and false pretences.

Michael Martin, a soldier, belonging to the 14th La., regiment, charged with drunkenness, trespassing on J. W. Satterwhite's premises, and resisting the police, was sent to the Provost Marshal, to be returned to his regiment.

Robert Cochran, for getting drunk in the street, behaving disorderly, and threatening to shoot various persons, was committed in default of $200 security for his good behavior.

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