Joseph F. Powell file, M346, Reel #815

Winder Hospital
February 3rd 1864


     I have the honor to inform you that I have, after much perseverance succeeded in securing authority for the Q. M. General to have the work executed at this Hospital in compliance with your order of Jany 28th, and in accordance with plan submitted with your approval, and that of the Surgeon General. Mr. J. F. Powell has secured the contract and obligates to do the work at the rate of $375 for Building, he furnishing all necessary materials required, and I furnishing the labor of the Hospital to assist in doing the work. I have to inform you that the Hospital Bedding etc. is so much damaged from long and combined use that it has been deemed advisable, and to the interests of the Department at a meeting of the division Surgeons with myself, to request that you allow all the Negroes hired, to remain, in order that the Matrons and the Negro women may take to pieces all the quilts that are dirty and needing repairs, and have the calicoes washed, & the cotton carded and requilted. The laundresses will be for ten days at least in washing up the dirty bedding. I am to furnish Mr. Powell with 50 negro men, and, with the balance remaining in Hospital I am going on, with the detailed carpenters that I have, with the removal of the wards to the site of the late fire as directed by the Commanding General. As soon as this is done I will continue the force at work grading the streets and grounds from which the buildings have been removed.

     Our detailed men have been so reduced by drafts for the Presidents guard, and the guard to convey prisoners to N.C. that I have transferred (with the exception of some 7 or 8 trusty men to guard the property, for each division, a list of which has been furnished your office) to the Hospital guard. This leaves the Hospital guard with a muster roll of a little over 100 men, of a character so disabled and infirm that not more than one half the number will be ever able to perform their duty. Feeling that I have acted in the most judicious manner, under the circumstances, and hoping with this exposition of facts that I shall merit your approval, I am, with the promise to have all things straight in Winder Hospital in 60 days,

You Obt Servant
    A. G. Lane
              Surgeon in charge

Surg. Wm. A. Carrington
       Medical Director,

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