From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/16/1944, p. 2, c. 8

Elimination Held Only Solution to Krengel Case

Chief of Police E. H. Organ predicted yesterday that the only way the mystery slaying of John Ernest Krengel will be solved is by a gradual process of elimination.

Meanwhile, he said, police detectives are working on every possible angle in hopes of finding some clue which would solve the mystery.

“We mean to examine every inch of territory and question everyone who might be able to help us, and detective will keep working until we find the man,” Major Organ said.

As yet detectives have found nothing which would lead to the solving of the crime with the exception of a .22 caliber revolver, and the determination of the importance of this gun depends upon the report of the FBI in Washington.

The gun, police agree, belonged to an employee at the Tredegar Company, scene of the killing, and was in such a place as to be accessible to any employee there. It has not been revealed as to where the gun was found.

The mystery will enter its eleventh day today as the patternmaker was found murdered and robbed in a pattern supply building at the iron works on September 6.

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