From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/12/1862, p. 2, c. 2

City Council. – A special called meeting of this body was held at the City Hall, at 4 o'clock, on Monday evening. Present: David J. Saunders, and a quorum.

...A petition of the Hollywood Cemetery Company, asking a donation of land for the enlargement of the Cemetery, was received and referred to the Committee on the City Grounds and Buildings.

A like petition of the German Hebrew Congregation was referred to the same committee.

The petition of Edward J. Willis, Captain of a Light Artillery company, for an appropriation to uniform his company – referred on the 5th inst. to the Committee on Arms – was taken up and granted.

The petition of Wm. H. Johnson, asking indemnity for losses sustained in plastering the alms-house, was referred to the proper committee, with authority to grant relief, if expedient to do so...

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