From the Richmond Daily State Journal, 9/2/1871, p. 1, c. 4

A Park for Church and Union Hills. – A petition, numerously signed by leading citizens, will be presented to the City Council, at its next meeting, asking that body to sell the piece of property owned by the city and known as Libby Hill, and purchase with the money “Chimborazo,” with a view of making the latter a public park.

They state that Libby Hill, divided into building lots, will realize a round sum, while Chimborazo can be bought very cheaply. They speak in glowing terms of the advantages which the proposed arrangement holds out to all interested. The proposition, they contend, involves no extravagant expenditure of public money, but only proposes a plan by which non-productive and unimproved property can be exchanged for a large area in every way adapted for a beautiful and attractive park. Our city fathers will give this petition the attention and consideration which it justly deserves.

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